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Below is a list of questions I get asked a lot by my fans. If you don't find here what you've been looking for, feel free to ask me anything using my e-mail address.

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Romania. I am currently living in USA.

Q: Are your tits real?

A: Yes, they are 100% real. I am not a fan of implants or any other body modification.

Q: Are you a smoker?

A: I am not a daily smoker, but I can smoke in my photo shoots or by member request.

Q: Do you personally reply to your e-mails?

A: Yes, I read all the e-mails I receive from members, and I always respond personally, IF the message deserves a reply :)

Q: What do you dislike?

A: Being called "bb", freeloaders, beggars, and disrespectful people. OH, and unsolicited dick pics.

Q: Do you do KIK, Snapchat or phone chat?

A: I have KIK and you can purchase my ID from my personal website. I also have a NiteFlirt account for phone calls. I do not use Snapchat.

Q: Can I order some custom work from you (photos or videos)?

A: Yes, anytime! Feel free to e-mail me at, and I'll give you all the details and info for your sp! ecific custom. Before that, make sure you read the "Custom" pa! ge from my Southern Charms' site, where I've posted my likes and dislikes, my rate and other useful info.

Q: Would you consider meeting one of your admirers/members?

A: Yes! I am always looking for submissive men and women to film with, or for slaves who want to submit to me. Keep in mind that I will always be accompanied by my husband if I decide to meet you for a coffee, and that you will be required to pay a deposit for screening purpose. I will NEVER offer any kind of sexual service to you, so if you just want to fuck you can already move on.

Q: Will you send me free pics before I join your site?

A: I think that wouldn't be fair to my MEMBERS. You can always buy a single set of photos, or join me for a month, and you'll see all the good stuff I hav! e to offer.

Q: How often do you update your site?

A: I update at least two times each month, and on occasions I add bonus pictures for members only.

Q: May I send you artwork created with your pictures?

A: Yes, I would love to see (and publish here, on Southern Charms) any artwork created by my fans.

Q: Are you Dominant or Submissive?

A: I consider myself a Fetishist. I am 90% Dominant, but I also have a bit of a submissive side.

Q: Are you ticklish?

A: Yes, very. My husband has a tickle fetish, so I get plenty of action :))))