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News from the Desk of Patsy Babe

Last updated on Dec 27, 2012

I hope you all had a great christmas - after all the traveling we decided to go to a local restaurant in paradise valley, phoenix, it was most wonderful. i am now back from all my travels to Hawaii, manila & boracay island. i hope you liked the pictures. in particular boracy was really special, such a great tropical island. the only problem i had was sailing around the island on a catamaran - never, ever again! I am lucky to be alive!!


So what is around the corner?

well of course it is new years even in a few days so i am sure much alcohol will be consumed. please write and tell me about your news even celebrations. i am thinking about the sets i will be doing in the new year, and with the colder weather it will give me a great opportunity to wear my furs again - would you like that? other activities will include outdoor hikes and the opportunity to flash.

Other news.

well, sadly no traveling for me for some time, so it's back to Arizona and the winter here. however, this being the desert it gets cold at night but it is usually warm and nice in the day. i think i need to get back to running, especially after all the parties in manila and Christmas here too.

as i look back on 2012 it has been a good year for me, i found this wonderful southern charms site and have had the chance to correspond with so many of you, i am truly blessed and i thank you all for that. please email me with your suggestions or comments as i love getting these. in fact i think my regular email now is boring compared to my patsy babe email. i am always disappointed when i don't any - so keep them coming.

Many Kisses,

Patsy Babe,