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Fan's Poetry




I was surfing the net to see what's there
When I noticed her luscious long red hair
I then clicked on to enter her site
There she was in all of her might
Her gallery I just had to see
Pictures of her incredible beauty
A funny feeling just came over me
Looking at her amazing body
I had to look to see some more
Her fantastic legs are to die for
She had me glued to my seat
She even has wonderful feet
I now started to get a real hard on
Her legs so perfect wearing nylon
I knelt before my computer screen
At the complete beauty I had seen
Another look at her sexy bum
Really did make me cum
My hand was sticky, what could I say
All because of the beautiful Abigirl UK!

By: Abi's Little Sucker






So bending over you must be

great ass and legs I love to see

Your tumbling tresses hanging down
when wet they almost turn to brown

Shampoo applied and lather white

I`m sure I will enjoy that sight.

Bend over now and first rinse done

the guy then sprays your locks with cum -

A protein conditioner from your man

you rinse it all off down the pan......

A second dose of rich shampoo

is added to to your dripping hair

Oh how I wish I could be there...

I'd sit you upright in a chair..

and lather sculpture I would make

from your tresses and I`d take

no end of time to rinse away

the creamy lather and I`d pay

for one last pleasure my lather miss

and on the nape of your neck

I`ll plant a kiss...........................x


By: Joey




you are indeed beautiful......



I glance into a fire
of resplendent eyes
leading me to a palace
immersed in dreams
as I sweetly sip
pure ecstasy
of sacred love.

You paint my memories
with gentle strokes of affection
swelling my empty landscape
as we dance in rains
of chilling watercolour
your passion of red
drips gleefully across
my sharp blue eyes
merging into technicolor thoughts
exhibiting sweet pictures
in my mind.

Yet when we part
the spectre of emptiness
excavates this grave of nothingness
through my heart
as rains wash away our colours
and transform our masterpiece
to a canvass of white.

Oh my landscape craves
your colours
Come to me
my beautiful artist -
paint my life again.

By: George




To look into your eyes,
Knowing you are there for me.
To hold you in my arms,
Loving you as I can.

To gently kiss your mouth,
Tongues probing one another.
To lie next to you in unabashed splendor,
Knowing you completely accept me.

To tease you -- stroking your body,
Bringing you warmth, bringing you joy.
To stroke my cheek on your inner thigh,
Quickening your desire.

To kiss you in intimate places,
Hastening your urge to join.
To feel your body yield to me,
Parting softly, accepting me within.

To feel you move, your passion rising,
Quivering . . . releasing . . .
Quenching your desire.
Holding and caressing one another,
Feeling loved, feeling nurtured.

Savoring only the time together,
Caring not what tomorrow brings.

By: North Lad UK


I study the art of her body's contour,
gently exploring the paradise
hidden within her crevice.

Tonight, in it's bliss
I taste with my tongue
of her sweetly saturated garden.

Tonight, with a kiss
I rest in the refuge
of her secret place.

Penetrating deeper...
while stimulating her tender tissue,
my mouth keeps searching
it's hollow depth,

until a warm sensation
of sensual burning
begins to throb inside her chamber.

The dampened fragrance
of female-climax, upon my lips,
awakens the blood down below
to quickly flow in sexual arousal.

Contracting passionately:
(To and fro)
She cries aloud, screaming "...Oh!..."
(To and fro) "...Oh!..."
So tensely about my senses.

I serenely savor this succulent flavor between her luscious lips,
and I love to smell the seasoned scent of her pleasure.

After her tightened muscles relieve,
she takes a moment's time to breathe
before we continue this evening's adventure.

By: North Lad UK



As I take you in my arms
And lift you on to me
I am so excited by the
Fact of what will be
As my soul explores
The subtle nuances of your skin
Your flower opens wide
And welcomes me right in
Let your warm sweet nectar
Flow to me for all time
We know this blessed moment
Is all of yours and mine
If the walls come down around us,
Let what will be, will be
For lying next to you like this
Is the best thing in life for me

By: North Lad UK



You have my heart, my name up in lights and
your pleasures past to me.

I'm back with you, you spoke my name for all to see,
little do they know, how much you mean to me.

Thank you for making me feel special.

You move me.

By: Ben



I entwine my fingers throughout your hair
As I draw you close to whisper in your ear.
".My sweet Lover
Let's steal some time
And let me reveal to you
That you really are mine!"

Your heart is pounding.It is beating fast for me
It makes this moment a precious reality
We both want to hurry  but we do not dare
For as well as ours bodies our souls are bare

Deliberately, my tongue  touches your lips
I feel your desire as you gyrate your hips
The deeper our kiss the more our tongues dance
We have waited a lifetime to take this chance

My lips on your breasts are very teasing
I am anxious for you to give similar pleasing
My face is pressed  against your chest
Our capacity for control is put to the test.

I brush your hair back from your face
And against your ear my lips are placed.
"Roll unto your tummy  my sweet child.
"Let me kiss you all over and drive you wild."

I lick little kisses all down your spine
The thrills and the goose bumps take charge of your mind
The sensations spread into an all over tingle
As together, in passion our senses mingle

"I want you, my darling."  you hear me moan
"Just see how hard that I have grown."
In delight, you reply, "To wait is to waste.
"Please, let me have just one little taste."

You ask to share, so we'll each get enough
And we move to the way of soixante-neuf
With busy tongues and pliant lips
We maintain a hold on each other's hips

"I want to love you."  the words slip out.
As we turn and kiss each other's mouth.
The exchange of juices is deliciously sweet
Our lips mould together and our tongues dare to meet

You straddle my body and I enter in.
Just a little at first  and then we begin
Our dance of love it's ready to start
Our breathing is quiet compared to our hearts

We stay connected and I stretch right out
I put my hands in yours and there is no doubt
That your body is impaled upon my shaft.
As I lift you higher you let out a gasp

You feel me so deep each time I raise
And as I draw back against your body I gaze
You lower each time to meet my thrust
As I plunge up towards you with passion and lust.

I feel I'm suspended in a rare moment in time
I'm holding your pleasure and you're holding mine
Our bodies are dripping our mouths are dry
We no longer hold back but in essence we try

And then. that feeling begins deep in our mind
And our bodies race to stay in time
The warmth is like a burning ember
The melting of souls we'll long remember.
By: North Lad UK



I walked into a room with a view,
it was a window filled with moments of you.
I couldn't touch, there was a window, I couldn't hear you
there was a window.

I tried to reach for you thru the window, but you were out of my reach,
I closed my closed my eyes and wished that I was there,
with you in the window.

I opened my eyes to find you standing there,
your breast pressed against me, your hand rubbing my manhood,
your legs touching my skin, your lips whispering into my ear,
'Take me!', you said,

I was now in the window with a view, and it was with

By: Ben



There was a field in view out to my right,
I turned and thought I had gone too far away from the place I wanted to go,
I had to stop there was an image of beauty, a wonderful figure was there, her red hair,
her long legs.

I stopped to watch, what I would call a frolic thru the fields, she was free, not from
eyes for mine were fixed on her.

Hours passed, my manhood stirred, my breath was quick.

I found a dream, she was alone and as one, she frolicked before me until I could back
no longer.

She was done, but the vision I saw will last a life time,
I wasn't far from the place I needed to be, it was here
with her.

She was wonderful.

 By: Ben.



The rising temperatures make sweat mix with the scent of sex,
The aroma is in the air and the mood is right.
Thoughts of you and the sensual pleasures we bring together,
As I hold you close and your body tight.

Lightly circling my fingertips across your alert nipples,
As your face shows anticipation and quivers from your lip.
Our bodies though entangled still making ripples,
the softness yet resistance of each tip.

My mouth upon the delightfulness of your neck,
And inching down your body, much to your embrace.
Over the smooth skin of your breasts, voyaging down,
Until I finally reach into your sacred place.

Your face showing the anxious look from above,
As I caress your tenderness, oceans begin to surge.
Streaming enough to thrust in my love,
Your moans begin to come out as I submerge.

You pull me up to your vivacious lips,
So much excitement, so much wanted.
The passionate, cadenced motions of our hips,
The rhythm growing faster and undaunted.

The pulses racing and you groan in a climactic rush,
In a pinnacle moment comes a spurting geyser.
You suck upon my fingers when I try to make you hush,
I love the sensation of heavenly ecstasy as I rub against her.

Just when we are finished and want warmth and stillness,
We are wrong because our bodies want to keep playing this song.
I feel your hand upon my chest moving slowly downward with such gentleness and such caress.
By: North Lad UK



My chocolate hard-on into that waiting mouth,
may I share with you the pleasures of your world,
your touch, your freedom...can I come in?

I was there with you,
wind in my face a drop of wetness from it's tip,
I wait for you I wait for you.
The red is my passion the fold is my goal...can I come in?

Stop now I'm not ready for this,
the end, the climax, let it wait,
too exhausted to continue that's my goal,
don't kiss me like that, don't lick me like that...can I come in?

You listen to no one,
you take your place and take what you will,
my climax, my pleasure,'s yours,
yes, I give,
Can I Come In?

By: Ben



I don't want to be without you
You bring a happiness to my days and fill the nights of emptiness with your presence
Every little thing you do makes me feel closer to you
The way your hair blows in the wind
The way you softly whisper in the dead of night
The way your eyes shine as they look into mine
I need you like the stars need the  night skies
I would do anything for you
People may think I'm crazy letting the world pass me by
But in my heart I know you love me 
For  I know I am falling in love with you
The harder I try not to, the closer I seem to be falling in love with who you are
I miss you when you're not by my side
I long for the time we share together
With each passing day my heart grows fonder of you
You're in my heart to stay
So let down your guard for only a moment
I could fill your days with my love for you
I know I can make you ha! ppy
if ! you just let ! me inside an! d be part of who you are
We can be  together
You're in my heart always

By: Fawzy



Stop me if you wish, wet is what you seek,
wet here, wet, wet right here.
I see how wet you are, I have brushed my tongue against it,
wet is what I received, my tongue is wet yet I feel
that you are wet.

Only the tip please, swirled in wet, the lips press against me
wet I believe it is.

That's what I want, I want you wet, I will help you become wet,
if you like, but I want you wet.

I pulled your panties to the side,
yes, you are very very wet.

By: Ben



I want your love
if only just for tonight
I want your body and my body
together to melt as one
Tonight why don't we
make an intimate connection
Let's make love with our bodies intertwined
Let's put together the passions
of your mind and mine

I want your love
I want to take every inch of you
I want to engross your body
in the loving things I do to you
I want your love
every bit there is to take of it.
Your entire body
I would like to take a taste

I want to paint your body with my love.
using my tongue as the brush
painting pleasure with its soft slow strokes
Every strike intended to invoke
the maximum pleasure that it can
To make you quiver with pleasure
that is my game plan.

I want your love!
Give it to me!
I want to take you tonight.
I want to please your body
I want to enter into you
and make you feel my pas! sion
I want to put myself in you
and bring you satisfaction
as I push Up and Up and Up
I want to show you just how much
I want your love
and I don't plan on stopping until
climax you have reached
I want your love girl
Won't you give it to me?

By: North Lad UK



I came to believe that only once
can you touch her, I came to believe you can't ask
you have to take.

You know what I want, and you know what I need,
it's just a thought will you be wet?

I thought this was wet, I wanted it wet, it's just a thought,
do you know what I want?

Do you want me hard or soft, do you know what I would give,
to have it the way I need it? It's just a thought.

Last night you whispered in my ear, I know what you
want and I want you to be hard.
So it's only a thought,
do you want me to be hard?
Yes? Will you show me your feet?
It's only a thought.
By: Ben