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FAQ Page
Q: Where do you live?
I live in Europe, Eastern part.

Q: Who takes your photos?
My husband does the most.

Q: Do you take requests for your photo shoots?
Yes, sure (NOTE: feature reserved for members only). Email me and tell me what your hidden fantasies are. We could work something out.

Q: Do you do customs?
Yes, from time to time I do custom photo's and HD videos. Email me with your wishes and I'll get back to you with details.

Q: Can I have items from you?
Yes, you can. Check out my pantie page for samples or just write me.

Q: What will I see in the member section when I join?
Until now, I got: sexy poses, close-ups, pregnant, pantyhose, shaving, shower, cameltoe, hairy pits&pussy, handjob, fucking, masturbation with toys, apron fetish and lots more.
In the members section i got videos too.

Q: How often do you update your page?
I usually update once a week, with a minimum of 100 photos each update

Q: Do you have video clips
Yes I have videos in my Members Area, including full length videos broken down into 3MB pieces which can be joined together.
I also have plenty of videos on Southern Charms Videos. Check it out and buy what you like.

Q: What is your Sexual Preference?
I am married & hetero but I enjoy reading all my fan mail no matter if boy or girl.

Q: Do you answer your emails personally?
I love to receive email and I answer all my emails personally. Although sometimes business&family takes up lot of time and there may be a delay, do not despair, answer will come.

Q: Can I see your Facebook page?
Sorry guys, I do not use FB or any other social network stuff. I find those awkward

Q: Do you Smoke?
No, I don't (won't) smoke. Sorry