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Here are some frequent questions that I am asked by friends.......


Are you married?  Yes, I've been happily married for over 12 years now!!

Do you have children?  Yes, I'm a MILF as they say!  Lol!  I have two young boys that are the joy of my life!

Do you accept gifts?  I'm greatly appreciative of any gifts that you want to send!  I always return the favor when you do!  Contact me if you have any interest in doing so!

Are you ticklish?  Yes, very much so!! 

Do you like anal sex?  Yes, when I'm very turned on!!  I've only done it a few times though!!   I do have a few anal toy masturbation videos on my video page!!   

Do you do custom pics and videos?  Yes I do!  Contact me with your ideas and we can go from there!

Do you take requests?  Of course I do!  This site is for your enjoyment, so I try and do what you like!

How long have you been a Charm?  This is actually my second time as a Charm!  I first became a Charm back in 2011!  After a little break, I joined back up in the spring of 2015!  Loving every minute of it again! 

How often do you update?  I update at least once a week!  Trying to do 2-3 sets a week when I can!!

Do you sell used items?  Y! es I do!  Contact me for anything that you may be interes! ted in! 

Do you smoke? I do not, I have asthma unfortunately so I can't smoke even if I wanted to!

Do your answer your own emails?  Of course I do!  I respond to every email I get!  Though life does get in the way at times and it takes me a little longer than I'd like!! 

Who takes your photos and videos?  My husband does all of this!  It's a fun way for us to spice things up!

I hope that helps you to get to know a little about me!!  Feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have!!!  I hope to talk to you very soon!!!