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FAQ Page

Q.     Do you smoke other than for the update pics?


            A.       NO. but i love fetish smoking for fun and modeling

Q.    Will you send me pics?


      A.     For my members who request a special pic to be sent either by e-mail with a small charge for it, I will honor their requests.  For nonmembers I cannot send out pics, and if you think about it you'll figure out why!


Q.    Do you work out?


       A.     Yes, I do, trampolining, jogging


Q.    How old are you really?


      A.     Does it really matter?  Wouldn't you agree that if you like what you see and feel "good" afterwards my age is inconsequential?  and i feel younger if im infront of the camera.

Q.    Where do you live?


      A.     I live in Philippines 6 months off, and visits England 6 months each year, where i normally do my photoshoot for my site.


Q.    May I send you gifts?


      A.     Who in their right mind would say "no" to this question!  Any new items with the tags intact that you wish to send me to wear for photo shoots will be welcomed, although I suggest you e-mail me first for sizes.  Other gifts such as cologne, toys, etc. are also welcomed. Thank you...


Q.    Are your breasts real?


      A.     Yes, they are and I have no plans to alter them! However, if you want to help me get rid of the lines She's creating on my face, let's talk!


Q.    Are you really bi?


      A.     I do enjoy the feel of another woman's body and savoring the delight of pleasuring her.  However, women are "foreplay" to me-my ultimate sexual gratification comes from pleasing a man!


Q.    Will you do a custom video for me?


      A.     Yes, i do. but to tell you in advance i cannot talk fluently in english if its a video, and memorizing lines in english is a bit hard for me. I can only talk basic English.

Q.    How often do you masturbate?


      A.     Sorry-I missed the question because I was masturbating!


Q.    Are you dominate or submissive?


      A.     Take a really close look at me!  Quite honestly, if you were ever to see me in a submissive role, be assured it would be an act for which the situation called.


Q.    Do you personally respond to all your e-mail?


      A.     Yes, I do respond to all my e-mails from both fans and members, if im not busy with my other personal responsibilities.

Q.    May I send you artwork created with your pictures?


      A.  Most definitely!  Seeing such creativity really pleases me!


      Q.   Do you offer webcamming like skype?


     A.  Yes, i do, by bookings only and once paid in advance. Email me.

      Q. Do you sell used panties, bras, stockings/ pantyhosed?

       A. yes . i do.  please dont hesitate to enquire me through email.