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A great assortment of short MPEG clips to accompany my photos.

With over 40 clips for you to enjoy featuring, smoking, high heels, leather, indoors, outdoors and even some girl/girl clips.


Members can also request what they would like to see and so far I have had request for smoking 120's, shoes, feet, makeup,  and gloves.

So as you can see I will be kept busy over the weeks ahead.


This page is just for my members only so you need to join up by pressing the join button NOW !!


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Video 30
I love this see through top and I am wearing black fishnet hose. I am smoking More menthol 120’s and show you a new lighter sent in by one of my fans.
Video 29
I might be wearing only jeans but with this Pink top and matching pink high heels I think I should get some attention when I do my local shopping.
Video 28
Like most girls I just love to wear leather. Black is without doubt the sexiest but this outfit is something I wear on a regular basis, it certainly gets plenty of you guys and a few girls attention.
Video 27
Just getting ready to go out for a night out and a chance for a quick 120 before I leave. It’s nice to wear a slinky long black dress and I just love these shoes.
Video 26
This video was filmed during my vacation to Florida. I often get asked if I dress only for photos shoot or do I really wear these outfits every day? Well as you can see its every day wear for me !!! I just love to look sexy and show off to all you guys.
Video 25
Its good to be out on the streets and I perhaps shouldn’t admit this but I really enjoyed being out looking like a working girl. I am smoking dark more 120’s and I am wearing some great boots and fishnet pantyhose.
Video 24
This update sees me with one of my original looks, short black hair and smoking 120’s.
All you bottom and hose guys will love this black outfit and the highest black heels you can imagine, I can just about walk in these and would love to wear them next time I visit a fetish club.
Video 23
It was the SC/Playboy Meet and Great evening party by the pool.
This short video clip was taken that evening and you can tell from the soundtrack that we were having a great time
Video 22
A great red leather skirt and a new pair of high heels.
I am smoking Saratoga Menthol 120’s sent to me by one of my fans in the USA. I hope you like the change in hairstyle and colour to a red head, it certainly makes me feel very fiery and sexy.
Video 21
I Just love this top as it really shows off my 36 G boobs to their best. As always I am smoking More Menthol 120’s my favourite cigarette.
Video 20
Smoking a 120 wearing a little black number and my short black wig which many of you really seem to like. Black stockings and shiny black PVC extra high heels, Soooooo sexy.
Video 19
This video clip was filmed at the Southern Charms/PlayboySexectra party in Ft Lauderdale. As you can tell we were having a great time.
Video 18
It’s party time again; I just love this little red leather skirt and black top. It normally ensures I get plenty of attention.
Video 17
Just relaxing at friends house. Sometimes you just have to show off your assets to the full.
Video 16
I hope you like this very different video clip of me wearing a traditional Indian Sari.
Certainly having all that silk wrapped around me was very sensuous.
Video 15
‘Good girl wants Bad Boy’.
Well that pretty much sums things up from my point of view. How bad do you think you could be?
Video 14
The first ‘Street Walker’ video clip, filmed on location just near you. I get such a thrill dressing like this and then going out to see what reaction I can get. Let me know what you think.
Video 13
‘What are you looking AT.’
There is plenty more to see in the members area and you can look for as long as you like.
Video 12
After many request another dom smoking video. Black leather outfit and some black leather gloves sent to me by one of the members. Do you think I look good with short red hair?
Video 11
The ‘Barbi’ look but smoking a Saratoga 120.
Big blonde hair and plenty of makeup in a little summer top.
Video 10
The second leather Mistress video, I love wearing these outfits and the short dark hair and heavy makeup makes me feel so dominant. In this short video clip you can hear the sound of the riding crop on leather.
Video 9
It was nice just to sit back, relax and enjoy a menthol 120 on a quiet spring afternoon in the English countryside. Its good to be able to do some out door photos and videos and to start wearing some of those tight summer tops that just make my 36G boobs look so good. This video accompanies Photo Update No.30.
SC video 8.JPG (12459 bytes) Video 8
This is my first leather Mistress video and I really enjoyed it, I hope you do. In this video I have short red hair and I am wearing various leather items including gloves. I also have on stockings and high heels and as always I just love to smoke topless.
SC video 7.JPG (36267 bytes) Video 7
Long blonde hair and a little black see through top. It was the end of the day and I thought I would do a short video for my members. That day a parcel had arrived from the USA with some Saratoga menthol 120’s, so what a better way than to smoke them in this video.
SC video 6.JPG (32904 bytes) Video 6
On this video you can hear me talking and smoking. This time about cigarettes from South Africa that were kindly sent to me by one of my fans.
SC video 5.JPG (34708 bytes) Video 5
My first talking video, so you hear my voice, you also get to see my 36 boobs in full. I put on my bright pink lipstick, which matches my bright pink high-heeled shoes. I am wearing a little something for relaxing in and fishnet hose while I smoke my white 120 menthols
SC video 4.JPG (37732 bytes) Video 4
On my bed smoking the last cigarette of the day, a dark More 120. I have short black hair and a black nitie with black stockings. I love theses really high steel heeled shoes, they make me feel so sexy and in control.
SC video 3.JPG (10745 bytes) Video 3
Filmed at home before going out to a formal dinner. I am sure you will like the makeup and jewellery. I just love all the glitter and those earrings are one of my favourites. I am smoking dark More 120’s
SC Video 1.JPG (13507 bytes) Video 2
This video was taken in my hotel bedroom just before I left to go out for an evening of fun. I am a redhead for a change and I just love my high heel platform shoes. I am smoking More menthol 120’s.
SC video 2.JPG (9717 bytes) Video 1
In this video you will see me in my local pub having a quiet cigarette.
As you will be able to tell there were a few glances from some of the guys while I was filming. I have short blonde hair and I love my bright pink long fingernails. I had some fun when I returned to my hotel later !!