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Photo Update 1214

Gumm and watch me play your my new Charm friend..PLAYINGWITH JJ....

Girls In Cut-Off Shorts

Cum and watch myself and some of your favorite charms as we escaped to the mountains to play like wildcats in the woods. If you listen closely I am sure you can hear all the purring and moaning going on with us lovely wildcats. As we shed our clothes listen and see how to tame a wildcat with a little bit of licking and soothing you can tame the wildest of the wildcats. Sweet dreams and pantyhose kisses.

10min - 84.2 meg - 640X480 - Added on 2007-04-10
Price $10.00

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Dreamcatcher Gets Some Wood

Cum and watch your dream, Dreamcatcher play with her kitty while rolling in the sawdust... You know what happens when you get sawdust hot and wet... might cause a fire... but my poor sweet wet kitty almost got splinters in her. The places it did end up... inside and out... all I can say is OUCH. But, I did have fun petting my hot wet kitty for you... Did play a bit of hell on another pair of our pantyhose. Lay back and lets have some sweet dreams and hot wet pantyhose kisses.

8min - 132.9 meg - 720x480 - Added on 2007-03-30
Price $8.00

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Fantasia Shows Her Strap-On To Dreamcatcher

Cum and see your dream, Dreamcatcher stepping out of the box. As my friend Fantasia shows and shares her very special friend "Little J" with me and gives me a true hot steamy workout on the conference table. I'm sure glad she keeps him in her desk drawer. If you'd like to see the photo update that was done with this video. Please check out update #194!

11min - 165.5 meg - 720x480 - Added on 2007-03-23
Price $11.00

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