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Photo Update 1220

Hey there my sexy dreamers,,,Guess who I just met...

That hot and sweet tatsting and sexy Wendy Medows...

So CUMMM inside and see us play...


DC Makes Shugar Melts In Her Hand

While walking on the back deck in the rain,,,,You'll never guess who ran into,The Hot and Sex Shugar From Texas,She's as Sexy in person as she is on her site. And OMG those LOving,twins on her chest,,,Ummm..... I'll just call them my new body pillows,Something to lay your head and sleep for hours....But you need to cummm and watch and see how she does not melt in the rain ,But sure does melt in my hands.....Before we knew it the! deck was wetter then ever and not by the rain....

7min - 184.5 meg - 720x480 - Added on 2010-06-03
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Three Hot Friends, Enjoying The Afternoon

While on our trip to the Mountains of Tennessee,,,,,Mirage ,Tasmin and Myself decided to go to the local Wine Festival that was going on....Well you know what happens with a full day of Sun,Wonderful Wine, And seeing Hot Sexy Men and Ladies all around us..While they serving us wine and cheese all day long . It sure did! made OUR Kittys all wet and warm inside ....But the part that! made us even wetter was knowing we could not have any of them .....Hmmm , But you know us we always know what to do to have some Girl/Girl Fun...So we hurried back to the house.SO we could relax on the back deck for Our Girl/Girl time ... You never know what's going to happen when you have Three Hot Friends,Relaxing and Feeling "Sooo Good".. If you want to know what happens you'll need to come inside and watch as the three of US, Hot Sexy ladies show you what a lot of wine and sunshine does to us.We always LOve to frolic and play while were all dressed up in our sunhats and heels.....

13min - 359.2 meg - 720x480 - Added on 2010-05-25
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Trip To Charleston

You know the trip to Charleston is a very long way from here.....But U know me I always carry my bag of fun with me,,,,Ummmm,I LOve wondering who will pass us by and enjoy the ride with us as well.....I might be called you hide and seek girl,,,,,The power of that smooth purple toy of mine.....*****Sweet DReams and Pantyhose Kisses*****

7min - 115.6 meg - 720x480 - Added on 2010-03-23
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