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FAQ Page

How often do you plan on updating
A minimum of once a week is my plan!

Are the pictures in the members area different
than the pictures in the free area?
The pictures in each section are different.
When the issue moves out of the available top
three, the free and member's photos will be
combined.  So... to keep from having duplicates,
I try to keep them completely separated.

Do you offer bonus sets?
Yes, I also have some bonus sets for the members.

Do you plan to do MPGs?
We don't have the means to do them however, when we do finally have the equipment, I am planning to add some!

Do you ever meet your fans or members?
In E-mail only... I can't wait to get to
know everyone!  Feel free to send pics
of yourself, but please use your good judgment.
Don't send it to me if you wouldn't send it to your mom!

Will I take or make personal phone calls?
Absolutely not.

Do you accept gifts?
Yes!  It must be in its original package
and with tags. I will do updates
with the gifts you send! Email me for my address!

Do you do requests?
I love to get requests! And I will do them
within reason! Members, though, have priority.

Will there be anyone else in the pictures with you?
Yes... Hubby will be joining me on occasion.
And Reese from SC3 will be joining on occasion too! Others may join me on occasion, as well, but they will likely be few and far between.

Do you Smoke?
In real life, no. but for my fans?  YES!!
(Including Cigars, of course...)

Are you ticklish?
Very much so, all over my body... but
especially my knees, feet, and above my hips!