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Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between sexy and erotic? Erotic is taking sexy to another level.


What gets you wet? Having my Clitoris stimulated and Big Dicks


What is you Unfulfilled fantasy?  Being filled with Chocolate cream


What is your favorite past time? Running around on a tropical island naked and having sex like rabbits


How often would you like to have sex? Several Times a day


What words turn you on during sex? I love pounding your tight pussy


What are the two most sensitive parts of your body? My nipples and clitoris of course


Do you enjoy sex toys? Yes, when my hubby is not home to use for pleasure


Do you spit or swallow?  Swallow! Good to the last drop


Would you ever go skinny dipping? In Public?  Absolutely, I would do it in private or public as long as I could get away with it


What kind of clothing do you find sexy? Short low cut dresses and no panties to show off my hugh knockers, legs, and tight ass


Ever have sex in public?  Yes, many times


Do you feel comfortable talking about your sexual preferences with your partner? Absolutely, not shy at all


Do you take video requests? Yes  I'll do a video just for you


Do you meet in person?  No, I express myself sexually through this site



That's all for now!