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Will you personally answer my e-mails? Yes, I love to talk to friends, new and old, via E-mail. You can write me at

Do you work out? Yes, you can find me at the gym most days. I love the release it gives me, and I love the look of a trim, muscular male or female body.

What kind of men do you like? All kinds really but I do have a soft spot for a man with big muscles, but if he doesn't then give me a man with a big brain and a good sense of humor....I love a man that can make me laugh.

Does he have to be a porn star to score with you? Not at all, give me a regular guy with a good imagination and a hard cock. I love a man that appreciates me and not try to impress me with his sexual gymnastics.

Are you a Swinger? Yes, Mr. Bibette and I have been in the Lifestyle for 6 years now and we love it. I have met so many wonderful people. I love the sexual atmosphere of swing clubs and private parties...and the sex has been phenomenal!!!!!!

Do you do requests for photo shoots? Absolutely...send me your ideas via E-mail and I'll try to make it your fantasy.

Do you do custom photo shoots? Yes, I do. E-mail me with how many pictures you want in a set and the theme. The price depends on how many pictures and how difficult the pictures are to shoot. We can negotiate via E-mail.

Do you do custom videos? Yes I do. Let me know what kind of scenario you are looking for and I'll tell you if I can do it and how much. Just send me email:

How old are you? I have had Many requests for my age. Naughty fans!!! Don't you know women don't like to tell their ages. Here is my answer, I am old enough to have teenage children but still young enough to have babies........I am sure you all can make a good guess........

Will you be doing any interracial pictures? Yes, if you look at my photo sets you will see I have one interracial photo shoot posted. I planned to do more in the near future with my black gentlemen friends.

Am I willing to do photo shoots with fans? For the most part I do not do photo shoots with fans. But once in a while I make an exception to my rule.

Do I meet fans? At this point I do not meet fans.

Are you ticklish? I am very ticklish, I have a hard time getting a pedicure I am so ticklish.

Do you like being tickled? .

How do your feet smell? Such a funny question, :) my feet smell like Dream Angels Heavenly shower gel.

Do you like giving Bjs? Yes, I love giving BJs, I like to pleasure a man.

Do you have a site on MySpace? I do not go on MySpace, I don't want to run into my kids on it.

Why do you call your choo-choo a choo-choo? I was at a Lifestyle party and I met a really hot Italian women. She refered to her private parts as her choo-choo. I liked the way it sounded and I stole the idea from her.

What is my favorite holiday? Thanksgiving....I love to eat....Yummy!!

What was my favorite toy as a child? I have two, I liked my swing and Barbie dolls. I still have all my old Barbie dolls.

Do you have any pets? Yes, I have a Persian cat (Eva) and a Yorkie/Maltese teacup dog (Littles).

Are your breasts real? I have under the muscle breast implants.

What is your favorite car? I love 1976 Sting Ray Corvettes.............Red.......Zoom........

What is your favorite precious stones? I am very fond of diamonds, I guess every women is. That is why they say diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Do you prefer gold or silver? I prefer gold.

What is your favorite movie? Gone With the Wind.

Do you like Fetish Wear? I love to dress up in Fetish Garb.

Do you own a sex swing? As a matter of fact I do. Mr. Bibette and I like to take it out and play on it.

Have you ever been to Europe? I have not but I would love to see Italy some day.

Have you ever done a photo shoot for a magazine? Yes, I have been in several magazines including Score (Legsex, NaughtyNeighbor, 40 Something) and Gent. I also have done videos for Score as well as GirlFriend Films.

If you have any other questions please free to write me.

Kiss, Kiss.................Bibette