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Things You'd like to know...

Do you meet your fans?? - While I am appreciative of the fans that come to see my website and the friends I've also made that were fans and are now close with me, I have never met anyone in real life.  I would if it were to be at a SC Bash or something like that. I can be incredibly shy in real life and have a hard enough time talking to the opposite sex. LOL  I'd probably just stand there with my mouth open, wondering why I was so special that you'd even want to meet me.

Do you really enjoy pantyhose? - Yes I do, very much!  While under a long skirt, short skirt, jeans, sweatpants...Whatever...I'm always wearing them.  You can find me usually searching for some new pair of pantyhose wherever I am shopping.  I love finding a new vintage pair of hose at the thrift stores...Fabulous!

What about Stockings?  -  I enjoy Stockings too!  Pantyhose make me feel sexy but Oh My God a good pair of silky stockings being held up with a cute garter or just a stay up by itself...I feel incredibly sexy!  I really enjoy the bands and like them tight so I can snap them!

What are your fetishs? -  *laugh*  Obviously I enjoy Pantyhose & Stockings...Heels & Boots...Business Suits & Pencil Skirts (so sexy!)  I enjoy cute feet to and showing mine off!!  Also - Two men kissing, Yummy!  ;)


Do you do Cam? - Not currently, Sorry!  I hope my Pictures, MPGS and videos will please you just as much!