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MMMmmmm baby i'm so happy you decided to stop by my site and have a look. I am loving it here at Southern Charms, everyone has been so nice. I'd like to give a big THANK-YOU to all the people who make this site possible, they work very hard here on SC and deserve alot of credit for the great job they do......No easy task, i'm sure.

My name is Donna, i live in Canada,and i am a mature MILF, i just love to show you all my sexy lingere, i especially like to show you all my different girdles and bras. Thank- you to my friend Norm for giving me such lovley outfits. He loves to make me feel pretty and sexy..... Thanks baby....xo

I am the typical lady that you might see shopping at the grocery store, im the one wearing the grin, that makes you wonder," what is she thinking", or "what she's wearing under that skirt." Well baby, im checking you out,thinking, "HHmmm wonder what he's like in the bedroom"....or "whats his fetish", or "whats he wearing under his pants," does he have a hairy chest?.... Really us MILFS are just as horny as all you men..... So the next time you see a sexy lady giving you a smile at the grocery store, smile back, cause she's checking you out....!!!!!

When i get dressed and ready for a shoot, i think of all you sexy men, that are  going to have such pleasure looking at my pics. It seems to make it so much more fun, than just posing for the camera. It's you that makes it exciting for me......

So i hope you will join me in my members section, and get off on my collection of pictures and videos.

I have added a Web Cam page as well, some of you might enjoy seeing me live, just let me know and i will set it up for you....... I love to get sexy in front of my cam ...... even better if you have one too......Way more FUN!!!!

I post 2 updates a week , with some videos and MPEGS in there as well. So there is always something new and fresh for you to enjoy. If you have a special request i am open to that.... within reason.

Just e-mail me and i will always do my best to fulfill your desires.

Love to see you cum over to the good side baby, you wont be dissapointed.....xo

Thanks- again