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Where do I Live?  I live in Northeast Ohio right by the lake.


Are you married?  Yes, I’ve been happily married for over 18 years, but as my Bio says we do swing!  We’ve been in the lifestyle for about 4 years.  In fact, the swinging started my adult modeling career.  One of my girlfriends and I shot some steamy photos for the fun of it.  The photographer thought I had the “right” stuff for this type of work.  So I hope you agree that he was right?


Do I have a day job?  Yes, I work in the health care field.  So I have a normal M-F, 8-5 job, but at night and on the weekends I switch over to “slut” mode.


Do you answer your own Emails?  Yes, I love hearing from all my fans.  But as I stated above I do have a “regular” job, so if I don’t answer your email right away.  Don’t worry!  It just means that I’m busy and I will get to you as soon as possible.


How often do you update your site?  At least once a week.  More if I’ve been a really bad girl.


Do you accept gifts?  Yes, I love gifts from my fans!  Just tell me if you want me to do anything “special” with your gift.  I’ll try to fulfill your desires!


Do you sell any merchandise?  Yes, Keep checking my website for future details.


Do you let members take their own photos of you?  Yes, My rates are $75.00 an hour, minimum 2 hours and you pick up all the studio fees.  If you are a professional photographer and want to add me to your portfolio.  Just drop me a line and see if we can work something out.


Do you do custom photos?  Yes, Just drop me a line and let me know what you desire.  Please note that member’s get their special requests fulfilled first.


Do you do custom videos?  Yes, Again, just drop me a line and let me know what you need.  And please understand that member’s get their special requests fulfilled first.


Will you work with your fans?  Yes, That is one of the biggest turn-ons for me being on Southern Charms.  It gives me a chance meet and “greet” my fans personally.  Just drop me an email and I’ll send you the details.  “Please note that all work done with fans will be done in a fun and safe manner.  No exceptions!!!”


*(NEW)* Where are your spanking and bondage videos?  I’ve received a lot of emails asking about my bondage and spanking videos.  I do have them, but due to content restrictions I can’t post them on Southern Charms.  Sorry, but I have to respect them for that.  But from the number of fan’s requesting this type of content, I’ve decided to offer these videos outside of my Southern Charms site.  So if you are interested in seeing my “wild” side, just drop me an email and I’ll send you the information.


Thanks to all my members and keep sending me all your emails and great ideas!  And many thanks to Southern Charms.