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Learn a little more about me & my website
Q:Where are you from ?
A: I am a home grown US midwestern girl who has the wonderful opportunity to live abroad
Q: Do you do custom videos or photos?
A: Yes ofcoarse. Please email me your request.
Q:Will you pose wearing something I send you ?
A: Yes, please email me for details.
Q: Do you answer your own emails ?
A: I try to do it in a timely manner of a day or 2 but sometimes life gets busy in my house.
Q:Do you chat with fans?
A: I would love to have a set time every week to chat & cam with all of my members. Right now, my site is brand spanking new & I'm spending all my extra time creating amazing new content for all my members.
Q:Do you meet your fans ?
A: No, It's really just not a smart idea.
Q:What do I get as a member?
A: As a memeber you get all of the "naughty" pictures and videos . You get the opportunity to have your requests filled.You get to see me doing! alot of sexy things like close ups, masterbation, toys, foot fetishes, pantyhose, outdoors shoots, bj's with my hubby and whatever the camera captures that day.... there is just so many ideas in my tiny little brain.
Q:Do you do fetish updates?
A: Yes to an extent. I am interested in foot fetish, balloon , hair , boots, gloves,water, nature, high heels, pantyhose and some leather and bondage......please send me your ideas.