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Bio Page
A little bit about me...

Name- Hot Manna aka Amanda Jane

Age- 27

Birthday- Halloween

Favorite colors- Red & Black

Height- 5'8

Eye Color- Green

Hair Color- Blonde & Auburn

Bra Size- 36D

Clothing Size- 7

Shoe Size- 8 1/2

Job- Full-Time Home-Maker, Student, and Amateur Porn Star :)

Ambitions- To have a happy, healthy, and abundant life!

Favorite Drink- I love my skinny lattes and Pink Rockstar Energy

Favorite Cocktail- Pinnacle whipped cream vodka with sugar-free Redbull

Favorite Parfum- Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

Hobbies- Yoga, Tanning, Reading, Photography, and Traveling.

Sexual Orientation- Straightish

Zodiac Sign- I am a proud Scorpio freak all the way!

What I find attractive- Maturity, Muscles, Confidence, Humor and Intelligence.

Tattoos- I have several and they all have special meaning. I rep my love for spirituality and red roses are my trademark.

Piercings- Pretty much everything is pierced from ears, nose, tongue, nipples, belly button, and clit.

Favorite Show- Sons of Anarchy

Favorite Movie- Under the Tuscan Sun

Favorite Quote- "People are always gonna talk, and to tell you the truth I love it. I love the attention.I do what I do because it puts a smile on my face and I'm the only person in this world that matters." -Jenna Jameson