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I have had alot of requests from some of you as to me excepting gifts. I am no different then any other woman..I LOVE PRESENTS. The following web sites you could use if you would like to pick something out to send to me:

Sizes are as follows....    Dress/top...18/20           Skirt/pants....20         Panties.......9

                                       Shoes.....8/12 wide or 9          Boots...9 wide or 9 1/2                                                                       

I have recently fell in love with Fredericks all over again and they have a few items I would love to have:

Lace Chemise # 42948                 Lace Camisole # 42891

They have several Corsets I LOVE # 50640  # 51245.

These items are just a few items I like, you may pick the color where necessary! These are just a few of my favorite sites. If you find something that you feel I just have to have, please feel free.  I will say when ever I recieve gifts I always make sure a gift is given in return!!  ( Do to some recent problems  contact me at the following email addy for me address) ~

Please email me


Hugs and Kisses............Kathy