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FAQ Page

Here are some of the questions I get asked. If you have a question, fire away!

Q. Why should I choose your site over the 100‚?Ts of other Ladies on Southern Charms?

A. I‚?Tm mature and! experienced ‚?" no inhibitions, and I‚?Tve got a pretty good idea what turns you on. I‚?Tm extremely versatile ‚?¶ variety is the spice of life and you‚?Tll find this in all my photo sets and videos. I‚?Tm a classy lady, but I can be a great slut too! And lastly ‚?¶ I‚?Tm really, really naughty and horny.

Q. Can you send me some Photos/Videos to show me what I will get if I join your members area?

A. Sorry but no, it‚?Ts not really fair to the people who pay to see the content.

Q. Do you answer your own mail?

A. Yes, of course!

Q. Who takes your photos?

A. It varies ‚?¶ I take some myself, but I al! so have friends who take photos and record videos for me (I get lots of volunteers!)

Q. You look younger than 59 ‚?" have you had any work done?

A. Really? (You haven't seen me first thing in the morning!) Thanks but no, I‚?Tm not a fan of fake things. You won‚?Tt find anything fake on me ‚?¶ no fake nails, hair, eyelashes, breasts or teeth.

Q. Do you have a favourite motto/saying?

A. ‚?~Be who you are and say what! you feel, because those who matter don‚?Tt mind, and those who mind don‚?Tt matter‚?T.

Q. Would you wear certain items if I sent them to you?

A. I would if I liked them and they fit OK, but it would be better to check with me first ‚?" I wouldn‚?Tt like you to waste your money or be disappointed.

Q. Do you spit or swallow?

A. Visit my members area and find out!

Q. Do you enjoy sex with younger men?

A. Of course I do! I love their sheer energy and enthusiasm ‚?¶ and their eagerness to learn. Having said that, I‚?Tm afraid that more mature men have the upper hand with their unhurried and experienced touch.

Q. Does size matter?

A. No! ‚?¶ and I‚?Tm not just saying that to be kind to the lesser endowed gentlemen. The truth of the matter is ‚?¶ (in my experience) smaller men make better lovers. This is my reasoning ‚?¶ Well-endowed men think they don‚?Tt have to make much effort ‚?¶ like they are d! oing you a favour. when in fact their actual size can make the whole ! experience quite uncomfortable. Now smaller men really want to please (perhaps they feel they need to make up for not being well hung!). But you know what? They really do! In all the ways that women love best ‚?" not just penetration.