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FAQ Page

Q:   Where are you from?
A:    Essex, but now living in Cambridgeshire

Q:   Who is your photographer?
A:   A very good friend

Q:   Do you take photo requests?
A:   I welcome your ideas for photo and DVD requests which can be shared amongst all my members.I am also happy to undertake individual custom sets.

Q:   Do you smoke?
A:   No. I don’t have any vice’s!!!

Q:   Do you have any fetishes?
A:   Yes.. I love to dress up in fine lingerie and corsets, love the killer cleavage!!

Q:   Are you a swinger?
A:   Yes, I have been to a few parties and enjoyed the experience.

Q:  What will I see in the member section when I join?
A:   I have listed some headings within the Photo Page.

Q:  How often do you update your page?
A:  To begin with I shall definitely be updating at least twice a week, though maybe more,depending how horny I am.

Q:   Can I see you on other sites?
A:    I am not on any other sites and have no plans to be, as I wish to concentrate solely on Southern Charms.

Q:   Do you answer your emails personally?
A:   Yes I like to give the personal experience.

Q:   Can I send you gifts, maybe a gift to wear or use in a photo shoot?
A:   Sure, please have a look at my Wishlist to see the gifts I would love to receive.

Q:    So how do you like being a Charm?
A:    Well, I am very new so I hope I get lots of support and hope I can be successful, but already it is very exciting.

Q:   Are you really Bisexual?

A:   Definately....I love sex with attractive women., as you will see in my updates.


Love,  Melody UK   x   x   x