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FAQ Page

FAQ Page

1. What is my biggest fetish?


2. Am I Bisexual?

  3. Do I use Messenger?
(Yes! Myla_Jay1000)

  4. Do I smoke?
(No, I also do not do smoking video's)

5. Am I single?
(No, Married ... Sorry)

  6. Do I answer e-mails personally?
(Yes, I answer them all... even the one's that go to far! lol)
  7. Do I take suggestions for photo shoots?

  8. Do I like to masturbate?


9. Do I meet fans in person?
(Yes, mainly at Southern Charms meet & greets)

10. Can you send me a gift?
(Please do !! What woman doesn't like gifts)

If you have additional questions don't be shy!