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Q:  Where do you live?

A:  I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Q:  Who is your photographer?

A:  My husband takes most of my photos but sometimes I will take my own.

Q:  Will you meet one of your members?

A:  Yes,  I may be willing to meet a member in person if I got to know

them very well online first but never alone, hubby would also be there.

Q:  Are you and your husband swingers?

A:  Yes!  My husband and I have been in "the lifestyle" for about a year.

Q:  What made you decide to have your own website?

A:  Was approached by someone online and asked if I was a Southern-Charms

girl? I checked it out and thought it would be fun.

Q:  Do you do custom videos?

A:  Yes, I do custom videos now with my new HD Video Camera and enjoy living out your fantasies for
you. I also have video for sale on SC Videos.

Q:  Do you take requests for your photo shoots?

A:  Yes, I do. I try to fill all requests from my members (within

reason).  I love hearing your ideas and fantasies about what you like to

see me do!

Q:  Can I send you a gift to wear or use in a photo shoot?

A:  Of course!  If you'd like to buy me something special, go to my

WISHLIST page.  As a "THANK YOU", I will use your gift in a special photo

set or video just for you!

Q:  What will I see in the member section when I join?

A:  You'll see a continuation of my three latest photo shoots with

different pics that are more revealing & explicit.  You'll also get to

see the complete sets o! f ALL of my previous updates! Plus you'll get full

acce! ss to th e SC "Member Appreciation Section" that contains video feeds,

movies, sexy online games, and more!

Q:  How often do you update your page?

A:  I try to update my page at least twice a week with an occasional Bonus update.