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Photo Update 475
He loves me this way which makes me feel so sexy & erotic. He craves black shiny hose & heels...nothing else. He often spoils me with a new pair of each for his pleasure. He has me pose for him, always with a serious look & different crossed legs positions then he stands there between each pose memorizing everything. His gaze burns through each section of my body as he takes it all in, he never touches.....until the end. I can see his hardness through his pants which has me squirming in my seat, my juices are dripping & I can't help but lick my lips. He can spend hours just looking at me before he finally makes his move, coming towards me, standing before me using his legs to separate mine then running his hands up & down my legs. He goes to his knees using his hands to keep my thighs apart, his face is right there....I can feel his breath...I moan loudly & the minute his tongue touches me I explode. He loves wh! at he does to me, he pulls me to my feet, spins me around, rips my hose before slamming hard into me from behind. I love to hear him cum.