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Q:  Where are you from?

A:  I am from Pa.

Q: Why are you on Southern Charms?
I love that attention that men give me. I don't know I have always been turned on by people watching me.

Q: Do you do custom videos/photo shoots?
Yes.  It does depend on the! request though I do have limits.

Q: Do you answer all fan e-mail?
I will answer all email sent to me however, sometimes it may take a couple days.

Q: Do you do photo shoots with other charms?
I have not yet but I am open to it.

Q: Do you except gifts from fans and/or members?
Sure, email me for details.

Q: Who takes your photos?
My wonderful photographer, he's always thinking of great! ways of showing me off.

Q:  What are your turn on?
A:  Well I'm a little bit of a fetish junkie.. Something about the fell of a cold flogger being smacked across my ass just make me shiver with excitement.

Q:  What is your favorite position?
I love to being bend over the couch and taken!