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i dont often get asked too many questions. My fans and members simply write to tell me how they feel about me.

i just love having my morning coffee and reading emails. You are so kind,loving and adventurous.

Do i do custom videos and pictures,? well that is something i look forward to when requested.

I find it a tad too personal if you want to know about my sex life. Any question is personal when you are a person! hahah

i have never been married, i knew when i was 8 yrs old that truth.

i also didnt want to have children for many personal reasons.

i love buying clothes and i am very fussy. i dont like stitches that bother my skin and i need to wear Queen size hosiery as

many dont go all the way up my legs and ass. Nothing worse than a low crotch bothering me!

i am extremely sensitive and can come while just not even touching myself. Nipple action can also make me come.

there are certain words i dont find interesting so i dont use t! hem. i like the word " come" for example. thats why i said it!

that way.

i take great care in my photos when i shoot and when i edit. i am very picky about plugs, and things that have business being

in a sexy photograph., but thats just the way i am.

i love to lie down and stare at you

i love to lie back and entice you.

thank you for your support and the emails and joining in the fun!