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Do you answer all your emails?

Yes, I answer every one personally unless it’s offensive or abusive.


What got you interested into posing for Southern Charms? And are you having as much fun as it seems in the pics?

I used to be very very shy and my new years resolution was to be more outgoing and come out of my little shell. What better way to do that than by posing naked on the internet? Since I began, my shyness has gone and I've become more self confident and OH YES........  If you only knew just how much fun I have when Im posing for pics!!!!!!!!


How often do you update your site?

I love shooting new sets and so I update very often. I usually add an update most days


Are you ticklish?

VERY! Im ticklish all over but especially my feet and waist. I actually enjoy being held down and tickled, it REALY gets me turned on.


Do you do custom photos, and/or videos?

Yes,  within reason. Just contact me with your request and we can discuss it. I can send you a CD with a


"You definitely know how to turn us men on Pumpkin, but what turns you on?"

Well, being tickled as I've already mentioned. Soft kisses on the back of my neck also drive me wild.

Gently nibbling my ear while whispering dirty talk to me is guaranteed to have me tearing off your clothes! Lol


Are you a swinger?

No not at all, I just enjoy having fun and posing for my site.


What does your partner think about you turning other men on and does he get involved with your site?

He loves it, he gets to take all my photos and sometimes join in on the action.


Can I buy any of your sexy outfits

Yes let me know what you would like and I will let you know the cost.



Got a question you'd like to ask? Feel free to e-mail me.