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FAQ Page

FAQ Page

Where are you from?
I am originally from the Mid-Atlantic region of the US East Coast but I reside in Texas now.
Do you anwser your own emails?
Yes..... I try to answer most emails that comes to me but members recieve priority. I love to hear from my fans with their comments and suggestions. However, please be patient, I try to answer emails in the order they arrive and I will not open any email with an attachment.

Can I have a peek at your membes area?
Sorry but NO...... It just would not be fair to my paying members. I love you all but I can't do that.

Do you meet/call your members or fans?
I cannot meet with most fans due to my busy schedule and safety concerns; however,it would depend on the individual. If you are interested in meeting, please email me and we will see, no promises though.
Sorry, I do not call members or fans.

Do you accept gifts from your fans?
Who in their right mind would say "no" to this question! Yes.... I love getting gifts from my members and fans. Feel free to spoil me. If you send me something I will try to use it in an upcoming photo shoot. Btw, lol, i do accept cash, I will purchase something special with it and do a photo shoot with it for my fans.  Any new items with the tags intact that you wish to send me to wear for photo shoots will be welcomed, although I suggest you e-mail me first for sizes. Other gifts such as cologne, toys, etc. are also welcomed. All toys should be new and in their original, unopened package. You can also check my wishlist page.

Are you Married?
Yes, I'm very happily married.

Who takes your pics?
My wonderful husband is my photographer.

Are your breasts real?
Yes, they are 100% real.

Are you bi?
Yes, I love the company of men and women.

Do you do custom videos/pic sets?
Yes, I do, please email your request and ideas and I will be happy to discuss this with you.

What if I want to join your site and I don't have a credit card?
Well that is easy, you still can join by Money order just click this link

What if I have problems with My membership, what do I do then?
Well you would click this link for help

What if I have problems viewing content on your site?
Well just click this link


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