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  In here I have tried to answer some of the questions I've been asked several times. Please mail me if you have more questions :)

Love from Scandinavia      



Q. Is this your first time on the Internet?


A. Yes it is, on a site like SC, but I have submitted pictures to free amateur sites before witch gave me the encourage to try having my own site at SC.


Q. Do you smoke and how much?


A. Yes I do smoke! About 10-15 a day. My favourite brand is Green Look, a menthol cigarette.


Q. Are you ticklish? And where?


A. In fact I'm very ticklish, I must admit practically all over my body, but mostly under my feet and in my sides.


Q. Do you answer all of your mail?


A. Of course I answer all my mail, maybe it will take a day or two before I find the time, but I do answer.

Do you do custom pic's ?

A. Yes and no :)  As long as the theme and subject is not beyond my limits and as long it is possible for me to make them. If you want to know whether I can do a certain set for you before you become a member just mail me and ask. 

Q. Are you bi and have you ever tried to be with a girl?


A. I'm bi and a good-looking girl sure turns me on ;) I have tried a couple of times and it was a blast. I love being together with a girl because her body is so exciting and she knows exactly what to do and where to touch.      


Q. Can we see some girl/girl pic's

A. Yes you can. I have 120 girl/girl pic's and 3 video clips at my member's side.


Q. Isn't it cold all year in Denmark?


A. No the weather is pretty much like in the UK, a little snow in wintertime and a lot of rain and sometimes nice and sunny when summer comes.


Q. What do I get if I become a member?


A. Well! First of all you get to see me totally nude. You will see me play with my self with all kind of toys, you will see me have sex, give blowjobs, close ups and so on. You will also see me do fetish stuff, smoking, my feet's and light bondage. You will see me nude outside in public and at the beach.

I also appreciate my members suggesting themes, which I will try to perform..


Beside all that you also get all the stuff SC provide which is lots of hardcore videos, funny games, access to several amateur sites and .....

Have a look your self


Q. Do you contact me if I become a member?


A. Good question :) I have given this question a lot of thoughts because there are a lot of arguments for and against. E.G.  ! Some ! want to be anonymous and don't want a mail from me popping up in their inbox, risking that a child, wife, girlfriend or anyone else could open the mail, and on the other hand some think it is not polite of me to do absolutely nothing.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't mail you at all unless you mail me first, but I want to emphasise that I would love to have a conversation with my members, so feel free to mail me ;)


Q. Can you notify me when you update?

A. Yes I can. Just submit my newsletter at  


Check this side regularly because I will update it when I have new questions to answer for you and of course every one is welcome to mail me with any question.


Love from Scandinavia