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Hi there

In here you’ll find some of the positive reactions (never got a negative:) from my fans, first time they saw my member’s side.

Hi Scandinavia,

Today i become a member of your side and i am really happy.

You tits are so nice and your have very cute nipples and then your totally shaven xxxxx super it must be a pleasure to lick your xxxxx.

But i have forgotten one thing and that is your feet they are super sexy you have to know i am a lover of womanfeet. I want to lick your toes to put them one by one in my mouth to play with and to xxx over them.

Most Lovely of Women;

i'm a cowardly member of your site.  i completely worship you.  i xxx two
or three times to every photo set - especially the ones where you smoke. 
watching your perfect red lips suck smoke while your flawlessly manicured
fingers cradle the cig makes me insane with lust.  thank you for sharing
your glory with us.

i also play with your pics.  i make you images even more perfect, if such is
possible.  i love plucking your eyebrows and changing your awesome eye
makeup and slimming your waist.


hi scandinavia so glad i become a member after all this time of talking to u and getting teasing pics from u i wanted the real stuff u turn me on so much and u make my xxxx so hard, i have to send these pics just to show u just what u do to me


just these few words to say that i joined your site at southerncharms

you're beautiful.....

sweet kisses

Oh wow!! I haven't ever seen a xxxxx so pink till I joined your site.... maybe it's just that it looks pinker to a fellow Dane. Every pic I look at either causes me to want to lick my computer screen or grab my rod and start stroking. ( the latter is what really happens) I really have enjoyed all your updates since be"cumming" a member. I'm not sure what it is about you but it is like a magical turn-on, I enjoy your smoking pics ( that's why I joined) but I don't even need them with you. (but don't stop them!!!). It's like I can taste you, feel you, smell you and even touch you although you are a half a world away. No I'm not weird or anything.... it's just one of those feelings. Well, I took enough of your time, just wanted to say "HI" so you knew I was still here!!

Hi Scandinavia I recently joined your site and am writing just to say you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. You have a wonderful body and the cutest xxxxx anyone could hope to see.I would love to see a set where you are wearing a denim mini-skirt and your black boots playing with your toys. Keep up the great work from a satisfied,very satisfied customer.


hi scandinavia, sorry i haven't been in contact for ages i've been working away i'm back now so i guess its time to renew my membership i have missed ur pics so badly and missed exchanging emails with u and pics with u

hope u r ok and i hope to hear from u soon


Greetings from England!


I've just joined your site and thought I'd drop you a line as you requested new members to do so, and to say feel free to email me whenever you want.

I've got to say you're stunningly beautiful, with a gorgeous body to match your face.  Your shaved xxxxx looks so xxxxable!  I look forward to many more stunning updates to come!


Hi Scandi,
I have now finally become a member of your site! I must say I'm stunned by
your pictures, you must be one of the sexiest women I have ever "seen"! =)
I've been watching your free pictures for quite a while so it was a real
pleasure finally seeing you naked! I was almost blown away by your blow job


i just joined ur site and wow. well worth the money. ur an amazing lookin girl.
i love the pics of u givin blowjobs esp when the guy xxxx all over ur face. is that summin u normaly do or just 4 the pics? wud luv 2 see more xxxshot updates.

Well ! these were only a few of the many great feedback :) when am I gonna hear yours ?

Love from Scandinavia