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Bio Page

A Little Bit About Me...

For those of you that wanted to know a little bit about me...

I am a college educated executive working in a manufacturing office. Despite my success in my career, I had always felt I was lacking a creative and sexual outlet, which is what led me to start my own site.

I am pretty shy when I first meet people, but once I get to know you, my real wild side comes out! Most of my friends describe my personality as bubbly, witty, and silly. I am the girl who likes to wear costumes out to fancy restaurants in the middle of summer for no reason, just because it's fun.

I am obsessed with video games, fancy cocktails, and hot, passionate sex!

Here are a few of my stats and favorites:

Age: 27
Birthday: February 13
Marital Status: Married Swinger
Favorite Drink: I like to match my drinks to my outfits and/or the season. Hey, I'm a girl, after all!
Favorite Food: Avocados
Height: 5'3"
Eyes: Green, with a brown freckle in the iris of the left eye
Perfume: Armani Mania, Victoria's Secret Pink, or Bath & Body Works Vanilla Jasmine
Hobbies: Reading, Writing Poetry, Surfing Porn, Playing World of Warcraft
Shaved?: Have a small 'racing patch'
Sexual Orientation: About 25% bi...I love to be with a woman if we click, but nothing can beat a nice cock!
Sexual Position: Missionary...I need to be able to kiss my lover!
Annoying Habits: Playing with my hair, singing really badly in the car
Best Assets: Round butt, curvy legs, perky nipples
Turn Ons: Passionate kissing, Strong hands, Compliments will get you everywhere...
Turn Offs: Impatient or overly demanding people, People who always play by the rules

I would like to thank the Southern Charms 4 for providing me with this web space. - Audrey