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Hi there, and welcome to my home on the web!

I started this site in 2002 on a whim - I have always loved showing off and indulging in my fantasies, and I never knew where it would take me. Through my time on Southern Charms, I have developed a big fetish for pantyhose and stockings, and the more I explored my interest in hosiery, the more encouragement I got from fans of this site!

These days, I am a web model, camgirl, and housewife. My site here on Southern Charms has grown to showcase my excitement over pantyhose and stockings. For the last couple years, my site has primarily been hosiery-related.

Looking through my archives, you can see how my interest in hosiery grew from a general love of lingerie, to my first experiments with pantyhose play, to today, where I have a keen interest in all types of pantyhose and stockings, quite an extensive hosiery wardrobe, and I continue to find new ways to play in hose!

Here you can see a photo history of my start as a nervous amateur web model, to the hosiery-obsessed woman I have become today.

Please take a look at my FREE PHOTO PAGE to see what I'm up to these days, and then JOIN ME if you want to share in my hosiery fantasies here!