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FAQ Page

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions I get e-mailing and chatting with my members. Please feel free to ask me anything you wish by e-mailing me at

What can I expect to see in your member's area?
For the past year at least my site here on Southern Charms has primarily been a playground for me to explore my pantyhose and hosiery fetish. I love showing off in a variety of colors and styles of hose, stockings, and thigh highs, and I keep finding fun new ways to play in them.

My hosiery fetish developed during my time here on SC, and there is quite a bit of variety in my older sets as I experimented with a variety of themes and ideas before finding my real passion for hosiery. I started off quite shy, a bit chubby, and tentative, and if you look through my older sets, you will see a lot of growth and change. I've had the chance to shoot with a variety of current and ex-charms as well as a few other boy and girlfriends.

Do you answer your email?
Yes, I answer all my own email. I get a lot of it though, so I can quickly become bogged down, so please be patient if you don't get a response right away. About once a month I go through to check and make sure if there is anything I missed as well, so if you didn't get an answer, please try me again - spam filters can zap things sometimes as well!

I will not answer the following types of emails: single line requests to meet and have sex with me, requests for free photo or video samples, anything I find insulting, or anything abbreviated to the point of being unreadable. (a/s/l? hru, etc. - my life is way too busy to decipher this stuff!)

Can you send me some free pictures?
New free samples are posted with each update on my Photos Page. Feel free to check them out & enjoy! I do not have time to answer requests for free samples via e-mail.

Do you do custom videos/photo sets?
Custom photos or videos may be arranged through my husband & photographer. If you are interested in a custom set, please email

Check out my Custom Page for more information.

Can I send you photo shoot requests?
I am happy to take hosiery-related requests from members. I can't promise to do every request or get to them right away - I often shoot my photos on location at various times through the year, so it depends on my shooting schedule. I keep a special folder of email with requests for ideas and inspiration throughout the year as well.

In taking requests, I always look out to see if they fit the theme of this site and I feel the majority of my members would enjoy them. If your request is related to a specific fetish that does not fit this site, you may want to consider a custom photo or video.

Tell me a little bit about your glasses...
Yes, it's true, I'm blind as a bat! My perscription is about a -6.00 with very slight astigmatism. I have had corrective lenses since the third grade. I have contact lenses and glasses both. I used to feel very self-conscious in my glasses, but I have a new pair that is much more stylish now, so they are appearing more and more in my photosets. I wear them almost always during the workday, as I sit at a computer all day.

What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?
Lately I have been rolling my own cigarettes a lot. I use a little machine to make them which stuffs the tobacco into a standard cork-tipped tube with the filter attached. But, I like to smoke a variety of different cigarettes when I go out on the weekends, so I often also will have Parliament Ultra-Lights, Camel Ultra-Lights, Virginia Slims 120s, and some of the Camel specialty flavored cigarettes.

How about cigars?
Truth be told, I have yet to find a cigar that I truly enjoy the taste of. However, I do love the look of an elegant woman smoking a cigar, so I occassionally indulge in them for photos. I love holding and posing with a cigar and I love the look of that thick cigar smoke billowing out, so I have shot a few cigar sets and do plan to continue doing them from time to time. If you want to send me a good one and try to change my mind about the taste, feel free! *grin*

How do you groom the pubic region?
I keep it neatly trimmed up with a small 'tuft' or landing strip. Also shave the labia, so it is generally pretty smooth and silky down there. All the better for oral sex!

I am having problems joining or cancelling, can you help?
Please understand that I have little to do with the billing process. You may have your questions answered by going to
You can also join by Money Order, for more information go to: