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Bio Page

So You Want to Know A Little Bit More About Me???

Okay I Hope That This Helps Anything Else You Want to Know? Email Me:

Real Name: Jennifer or Jenn

Birthday - October, 25, 1983

Zodiac Sign - Scorpio

Marital Status- Married to my photographer

Sexual Orientation - Curious <Would Love to Try Another Women and maybe Another Man while my husband watches>

Bra Size- 38D was a 36C in earlier set, but they dont want to stop growing. lol.

Eye Color - Brown

Hair Color - Brunette

Height - 5'8"

Dress Size - 8 or 9

Shoe size - 8.5

Panty size - 6

Private Parts - shaved or neatly trimmed<Almost all of the time, But I do grow it out once and a while for those who love a slightly hairy bush. lol>

My Job - Making you enjoy yourself as much as possible and Of Course, Being a Southern Charms Girl. lol.

My Ambitions - To make lots of men Horny

My Biggest Down Fall - Not being Creative Enough With My Pics<But I'm Trying, Come And Check it out!!! Let Me Know What You Think!!!> And Being to much of a perfectionist.

Just Some Fun Facts About Me...

My Favorite Color - Definitely Pink, So Girly and as much as I fight it I'm a total girl. lol.

My Favorite Food - I Love to Cook, trying new Receipes and changing them just a little to make them my own, Totally love Teriyaki Chicken. lol.

Cigarettes That I Smoke - Marlboro Menthol Lights Occasionally, not as big of a smoker as I used to be, There are plenty of updates of me smoking in the members area though.

My One Major Weakness - A good book, or A Nice Cock. lol. Maybe if I could just find that book that is about a nice Cock, Nah I want both, what can I say I'm Greedy. lol

Sports I will Watch - The Olympics and The X-Games, I also keep track of football, but can't sit through a whole game on TV. GO TITANS!!! lol.

How I Spend My Time - I Love to Read, you can always find me with a book in my hand, I've also developed a love of comic books, they are pretty addicting once you get into them, but they go way to quick. lol.

I also am majorly into sci-fi films, horror films, and anything Zombie books<just started reading zombie books, so trying to catch up on what is out there, any good ones send them my way. lol.> or movies even though they scare me half to death, I can't quit reading or watching them.

And Of Course, Taking Hot pictures for you to enjoy. I Love the thought of all you horny people looking at my pics and totally losing yourself in me. lol.

What I'm Like in Bed - I am an adventurous person, I love trying anything new once or twice, usually keep doing it after that especially if I enjoy it. I Love using toys, especially if they are sent to me by my fans<it adds to that extra kinkiness, Thinking that someone wanted me to use this on myself>. I like doing anything that aftwerwards I'm like I can't believe that I just did that. lol.

Sexual Positions I Like - Oh, There are so many. lol. My Favorites vary depending on my mood. I will try any position once or twice to see how much I like it. But My top 5 List<in no certain order> is: On Top, Doggie, Standing Up<me bent over the bed>, Laying on top on my partner<my back to his stomach>, and me on my back with my legs thrown in the air

Some Extra Things about Me And SEX: Total foot fetish Of course, I love to have my toes sucked and feet licked, I always make sure that I have some feet picture in my sets for fellow feet lovers. I also love to have my ass grabbed and squeezed, I love to Dominate, Put me in charge of sex and I will make you beg me to let you cum.

A Quote To Live By - "Judge A Man On How They Treat Their Lessers, Not Their Equals"


I would like to thank the Southern Charms for providing me with this web space. - Wet Jenn