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Rewards Page

Hey To All Those Loyal Fans and Customers,

I am now offering a Reward System for Staying a Member Longer.

Stay a Member for 9 Straight Months and Get a Video of your Choice From My Video Site On SC.

Stay a Member for 1 Straight Year and Get A Free Custom Picture Set <50 Pictures>!!!!

Stay A Member for A Straight Year and a Half, and you get a 10 mintue Custom Video!!!!!

Stay A Member For 2 Years and you get a special Surprise!!!!!!!



If you fall into any of these catergories, Please Email me with your name<that you used to join my site>, email address<that you join my site with> and your username <on my site>. I do not keep track of individual memberships, So it will be your responsibility to give me the information above to check into it.

It is also your responsibility as the member to inform me of acheiving one of the above goals.

I am not responsible for your reward if you do not inform at time of reaching the goal. Meaning within the Month The Goal was Reached.

It must be 9 months Straight, With no missed Months. Same Rules apply to all the reward group.

If I can not Find your membership in my Stats Page then I will assume you were not a member and I am not obligated to fill the reward unless you can prove to me that you were a member<with more then just naked pictures of me, proof of payment to my site for the time period>

Remember these are rewards not a purchase of goods or services, if you are not happy with it I am not responsible.

This system was put into effect to help show my appreciation to members/fans who have stood by me, I hope it works as what it was meant to be a rewards system for loyalty. And I hope those of you who reach the different levels enjoy the special treat you get.



Effective: December 1, 2009