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Gifts Page

I know that you all have seen a thousand different wishlists on different girls pages, but consider mine not a wishlist but a how-to on giving me gifts. Which I totally deserve.

I made up the following two wish lists to make it easier for anyone who is feeling generous and wants to shower me with presents. The items range from outfits to toys to shoes. They are in all different price ranges. What is so wonderful about this list is all you have to do is order the item and it will ship to my house as a huge surprise.


I love surprises so pick me something nice off either list, or go huge and buy from both.


Anyone who sends me items from this list will receive either special pictures or a special video with the gift.


I look forward to receiving and then giving something back to you.


Fetish Factory:

WetJenn's Wishlist



WetJenn's Wishlist


Remember that you will be specially rewarded for each item you buy me.