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I appreciate anyone who wants to send me stuff, but remember that you don't want to hurt my feelings by getting me the wrong thing or you picked out an outfit that is the wrong size. So a gift card to the following sites work just as well if not better, you can tell me some things you have in mind, I can pick from what you chose and surprise you. That way we both have fun, you waiting to see what I picked and me shopping. lol.


FOR OUTFITS: <you have to call customer service> <click Gifts to find gift card option>


FOR FUN STUFF NOT SEXUALLY RELATED: <you can get everything at Walmart, lol.> <they also have adult toys, so its your one stop shop.> <for those fellow comic book fans who want to share favorites>


Any Places that you can think of that I would love a Gift Card from send them my way, REMEMBER you can't mess up with a gift card.